#02 Everest
#02 Everest

#02 Everest


#02 Everest
Ingredient: 100% Sencha Loose Leaf
Origin: Ilam, Nepal
Taste Profile: Similar to regular black tea, with a smooth grassy aroma

Brewing Method
1) Add 2-3g (heaped teaspoon) to 300ml water (80°)
2) Infuse for 1 minute
3) Repeat up to 3 times

Storage Instructions
For freshness, keep sealed and refrigerated

 More about Everest

Nepalese teas are usually grown at high altitude. This is not surprising since Nepal is well-known as a mountain kingdom. Everest is the highest peak in the world, standing at 8,848 above sea level. But did you know that Mauna Kea in Hawaii is taller, if measured from base to summit?

Ilam is one of the major tea contributors in Nepal. It is located opposite the infamous Darjeeling area, well known for its black teas.