#05 Living Goddess (Kumari)
#05 Living Goddess (Kumari)
#05 Living Goddess (Kumari)

#05 Living Goddess (Kumari)


#05 Living Goddess (Kumari)
Type: 100% Loose Leaf
Origin: Ilam, Nepal
Taste Profile: Black Tea with a Hint of Honey

Brewing Method
1) Add 2-3g (heaped teaspoon) to 300ml water (80°)
2) Infuse for 1 minute
3) Repeat up to 3 times

Storage Instructions
For freshness, keep sealed and refrigerated

More about Living Goddess (Kumari)
The existence of Kumari or the Living Goddess continues today in Nepal. The famous Kumari is located in Kathmandu. A young girl is chosen to represent the goddess until she reaches puberty. She is highly revered and during her reign as the Kumari, her feet does not touch the ground, so has to be carried everywhere she goes, which is not very often.

Award  -

Great Taste Award 2018 - 2 stars