#18 Ceremonial Matcha - Limited Edition

#18 Ceremonial Matcha - Limited Edition

#09 Organic Ceremonial Matcha
Type: 100% Powdered Matcha
Origin: Mie, Japan
Grade: Ceremonial
Taste : Creamy, smooth, full flavour

Brewing Method
1) Add 1g (half teaspoon) to 200ml water (70°)
2) Whisk until frothy

Do I Add Sugar or Milk?
Non dairy milk is often added to make a Matcha Latte. Sugar or sweeteners can be added, if required.

Storage Instructions
For freshness, keep sealed and refrigerated

More about Matcha
Matcha is whole leaf tea ground into a powder. By ingesting the whole leaf, means that 100% of the benefits will be absorbed into your body. The leaves are rich in amino acids and chlorophyll, hence it's vibrant green colour. This matcha is grown organically and packed in an organic environment. The colour is deeper, less creamy than the non-organic product, but has more anti-oxidants. The health benefits of Matcha are many, please see blogs