#12 Bento
#12 Bento

#12 Bento


#12 Bento
Type: Karigane, Toasted Rice & Matcha
Origin: Mie, Japan
Taste Profile: Mild Popcorn or rice Crispies with a hint of Matcha

Brewing Method
1) Add 2-3g (heaped teaspoon) to 300ml water (80°)
2) Infuse for 1 minute
3) Repeat up to 3 times

Storage Instructions
For freshness, keep sealed and refrigerated

More about Bento
Legend has it that in medieval Japan, the peasants could not afford to buy tea, but they had lots of rice. So in order to make the tea last longer, toasted rice was added to the tea.This tea has a nice mellow grassy and nutty flavour, and the addition of matcha gives fuller and well rounded taste profile. Karigane stems from high grade Sencha is also added to give this tea a sweeter flavour.