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Why You Shouldn’t Add Milk To Drink Green Tea

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Many people drink green tea for the health benefits associated with it. For the majority, a typical cup of green tea is enjoyed without anything else being added except hot water. A few might consider drinking green tea with milk and in the process, be negating the benefits of the tea.

Milk contains a type of protein called Casein that does not interact well with the natural antioxidants in the green tea. The casein that is found in milk forms complex strands of molecules with the natural flavanols that are found in tea. The binding of the two chemicals reduces the amount of antioxidants that are available for your body to process, in turn making the catechins that give green tea its potential health benefits harder to break down. By adding milk to your green tea you could be completely destroying any health benefits.

Drinking green tea with milk could also, possibly, increase your risk of gaining weight. Research has found that when drank separately green tea and milk can help to promote weight loss by increasing calorie-burning, fat oxidation and metabolism. When drank together however, the casein that is found in milk will reduce the positive effects that green tea can have on your body in promoting weight loss. Other researchers have found that weight reduction and weight maintenance isn’t really achieved when green tea and milk are drunk at the same time.

So, if you want to reap the benefit from your cup of green tea, just add water, and enjoy.